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family values baby!!

holy shit! Stone temple pilots still remember how to rock! they only played 2 or 3 new songs, the redst was off core. they kicked fuckin ass. staind was a bit dissappointing tho, even tho i was front row. oh well. i realized i never write in this thing anymore, so i'll give y'all that notice me an update:
1. i'm getting my licence in two weeks!! i'm going to visit all my friends all over the country (if they evr write back - hint,hint) i'm probably going to have a pice o' shit car, but who cares. it's wheels.
2. i fucking hate my english class. stupid fucking essays. i have to write one that's pushing two weeks late. the only redeeming quality of that class was this chick julia, and i just found out she does mad heroin AND has a boyfriend, so whatever...
3. i met this really great chick nicole, and i really want her. i'm not sure how she feels tho. she rocks, she loves metal, and she has no fear of anything. plus she's hot as hell. we'll see on this one...
4. w o r k d r a g s o n w a r d
5. one of my bestest friends online hasn't been on for almost a month, i'm starting to worry about her...
6. i'm out of time... lATER.....
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