kenn (tragiclife) wrote,

morbid poetry from yesteryear

" tears of blood " 2-15-96

falling apart
breaking away
making me want to cry
left alone and
feeling empty
making me want to die
escaping life(escape fom life)
wanting to run and hide
nothing ever
lasts forever
feeling so lost inside
feeling that i have died
feelings i cannot hide
like tears of blood from my eye
dripping down
forming a river
that i'm drowning inside
see me dead
see you laughing
all of the times you lied
just tears of blood in my eye
you took my heart
and ripped it open
nothing but love inside
living, breathing
loving, dying
wondering why i cried
walking along
a stairway to heaven
how did i get to hell
find myself
screaming to no one
something i just can't tell
chained in love's vicious cell
dying my body fell
with tears of blood in my eye
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